Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stressed, is not even enough to describe me today! It seems like whenever one bad thing happens, everything else just seems to follow. I need so desperately to get out of debt, but the more efforts I make... it seems that the more the debt grows :(

I'm in school, barely getting by in my classes.. I have class every nite and I work all day, so unless I force myself after class when I get home, the only real time I have to study for 4 classes is the wknd- and its not even the whole wknd (I have a saturday morning class). Its like as much as I want to DO IT ALL, Im exhausted!

I work M-F 830am-530pm, and every morning is the same dreadful thing... I hit the snooze, at least 5x, force myself out of bed, and try everything to get to work on time, unfortunately... I never make it before being at least 5 min late. I think its because I hate this place. I feel trapped within the gray walls of this terribly outdated building. The cubicles are that old yellow color, and everything makes a noise, oh and the grossest part of all- I think we have mice. eghhhh, I am sooo disgusted right now!

I tend to babble, so I apologize in advance for jumping from one thing to another, its just my way of getting it all out. :)


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Turn Heads...

Must Have Piece
Love this... perfect for early fall. Match this with sexy leggings, thigh high boots, and killer bangles>>> a simple look that goes a long way :)

New Goal!!

Fashion Merchandising>>> I cant believe I never thought of this before??? I'm going to have my own boutique before I know it :)

So 16 classes to go, and I'm done!!! I'll have my BA in Fashion Merchanding... with the door wide open for me to do anything I'd like.

I wanna go to Fashion Shows, Trunk Shows... Dress up everyday, make the most of my trend! I just feel so set back, I work in this crummy little office that requires no effort to look good, its depressing. Im trapped in here all day, with the yellow walls surrounding me :( I want more! I want to be out and about, all smiles, carefree... not a thought of worries! That day is soon, I feel it...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have to say, I have a LOT of thoughts on things... and my perspective can be different at times, so feel free to comment, question, or elaborate on anything here :)

I like to think of myself as someone who lives in the moment, 'random' would be best to describe. I work a full-time job in the real estate industry with no job security, I haven't completed college, and I'm not married... yet, that is. To most people I know, by the sound of it, I'm doomed. However, to others... I'm young, smart, and on an exciting journey~I'm in my prime, dammit ;) You live and you learn, right? I guess we'll just have to find out...

So, I've never blogged before. I never felt that I would have much to say, or anything at all for that matter. I'm not quite sure how well this will go, but no hurt in trying. I've decided that I am going to make a change, start a new chapter, and most importantly share the stories along the way :)

Let's start with the basics!!!


My fall semester of classes begins tomorrow. Sad thing is, I haven't been in school for almost 2years. I have been aspiring to finish my bachelor's degree in Business Marketing for a while now. I'm 50 credits in, with 75 credits to go. Oh and not to mention, I started my first semester of college in Fall of 2003. I've been battling this school thing for 6 years now, it almost feels like I'll never be done. The upside to this would be that this time around, I'm actually excited!


I work full time for a company that markets and manages residential properties. Our office consists of about 40 people, 7 or 8 of which are temps. There is one word to describe our environment here... circus. Sometimes I don't know if I'm working a high school "fake" job or if this is reality. The age range here is between 23-55, with that being said you would think the drama comes from the younger crowd, unfortunately, that's not the case. There's more to say on that, but we'll cover that later. Thankfully, there's lots to do here but with a full time school schedule ready to start, I can only hope that I'm able to balance the two.

Personal Life...

I met a guy at a Halloween Party last Fall, and we've been dating strong ever since. I'm sure he's the one... the funny thing is its almost as tho it was meant to be. The night we met, we were both in costume (He was 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and I was a 'Playboy Bunny') and have no memory of meeting each other. We're opposites but the sooo similar its crazyyy.

Random things...

I am obsessed with Kings of Leon... Love em'
I'm a Virgo.
I have a shopping problem. ;)
I'm told I'm funny??? lol
I love to laugh (smiley face)
I own an unacceptable amount of shoes (i lost count at 108)
I like to speed, when driving!
Music is one of the best creations (the beats, the words, the meanings..)
I love One Tree Hill, 90210 (old & new), Gossip Girl, The Hills, Entourage, Seinfeld, & K.o.Q!!!
I love love love VEGAS!!!!!!

I have lots more to say, with many stories to entertain!

Until my next post...